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Do you have a project or an idea?
Web Site Creation

The web agency has the know-how and tools to analyze your situation in order to create the website that best suits your business. It is not only about creation. Also, a web agency usually gives a personalized support for the management of the site created, such is the case of the site voyage-incentive.info. It develops with you, effective communication strategies to develop the image of your products or services.

Web Marketing Strategy
SEO Agency

Generally, in addition to the creation of the site; a web agency offers its customers a service of web writing, a campaign of Netlinking and a development of SEO strategy.

Web writing

Our web agency’s services include the publication of quality content, such as those written for the Trouver Assurance site, to build loyalty among site visitors.

Netlinking and backlinks

These are techniques of inserting links into the pages of the site to improve its referencing.

SEO off Page

This is the part of SEO that does not change the content of the site. It is to strengthen the optimization by backlinks.

Customized Web Design: Our Inspirations!

Today’s web agencies provide a web design service that allows clients to customize their sites after they are created.


WordPress Page Builder

The page builder is a WordPress component that allows the site owner to directly see the page changes as they appear to visitors.


Landing pages html

A Landing Page is a page on the site that visitors access after clicking on a CTA (Call To Action) button.


PrestaShop Themes

A PrestaShop Theme is the graphic layout template used for the creation of the voyagesextraordinaire.com website that allows you to customize the front-office.



A Template is a model or template where only certain elements can be modified (images, text, background colors).

Digital marketing: Our strategies!

Affiliate campaign in WebMarketing
This is the implementation of an affiliation program according to precise objectives, a budget and a duration.
Digital communication and e-influence
E-influence is a trend on the Internet that allows Internet users to give their opinions on services or products online.
Digital marketing strategy and social networks
The most effective web marketing strategies often put social networks at the center of their concerns.
The art of storytelling: take advantage of stories
This consists in putting forward the story of a project creator to attract the attention of potential customers.

Your Image Online
Brand Image

A company’s brand image is important because it is the representation conveyed to customers and prospects. By improving the brand image, the goal is to influence the public and to generate an exchange.

To improve its brand image, the company must start by setting objectives. It must first clarify the values it wishes to convey to the public. Brand reputation is the image perceived by the public, who may have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the product. In other words, the brand becomes the support for the reputation of the company or product.

It's all about smartphones: Our mobile tactics

The discipline of studying effective strategies for reaching consumers via smartphones is “mobile marketing.” In this day and age, smartphones are ubiquitous in our daily lives. The strength of mobile marketing is the fact that everyone now owns a smartphone. An effective communication strategy that does not use smartphones risks being quickly overtaken by the competition. Indeed, 67% of French people use a smartphone to access the Internet.